Why a Humidifier is a Good Idea

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Despite what you may think, humidifiers are not just for grandparents and small children — everyone can benefit from the installation of a humidifier in their home. Appropriately named, a humidifier is a device that is added to your furnace in order to put humidity into the air. When you are using your furnace frequently, air can get dried out, which can result in a plethora of negative effects. Thankfully though, humidifiers work to reverse those effects.


The dry air that furnaces produce can lead to dry skin, an increase of static electricity in the carpet, nose bleeds, and dried out hardwood floors and furniture. Luckily, humidifiers work to alleviate all of those undesirable consequences, while also allowing you to breathe easier and with fresher air.

Adding humidity to the air helps out in more complicated ways than those listed above, however. Humidifiers have been recommended for people who are often plagued with colds and other sicknesses, and for good reason. By putting moisture back into the air, humidifiers help keep your nose and lungs moist, which aid your nose hairs in catching pesky dust and bacteria. If you are already afflicted with a cold or other illness, humidifiers work as aids to help you on your road to recovery. Whether your respiratory problems are caused by asthma, allergies, or a simple cold, breathing in more humid air keeps your lungs elastic and your nose lubricated, which speeds up the recovery process. What’s more, if you have chronic respiratory problems as a result of allergies, there are special humidifiers that specifically work to purify the air for your allergic preferences.

But the benefits don’t stop there! If you or someone in your household has a snoring issue, humidifiers may be able to help in alleviating this aggravating habit. Although they probably won’t be able to stop the snoring completely, the added moisture a humidifier brings will keep their nose and throat from drying out, which will at least make the snoring a little softer. Also, humidifiers can help prevent dry skin and chapped lips, which plague us all throughout the winter months.

Considering all of the benefits that come with a humidifier, the investment is definitely worth it. Depending on your budget, you can spend as little as a few hundred dollars to as much as a thousand on a new humidifier. The pricing depends on the type of humidifier that best fits your personal wants and needs. To find out what works best for you, meet with your local indoor air quality specialist today!

Written by the staff of Controlled Aire Heating & Cooling, located in Moberly, MO. Controlled Aire specializes in humidifier installation and filtration, and other heating and cooling services!

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